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Runners get lifting!

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It’s that time of year, time to get stuck in and hit the cold frosty roads. The London marathon is just around the corner and for those out of the thousands who are taking part this is prime time. Running a marathon is going to put tremendous stress on your body. How you approach the […]


We love battle ropes

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Here at OSR Bootcamps we love battle ropes. Whether you’ve seen us going at it whilst walking by on your morning stroll or your one of our beloved members breaking a serious sweat, it’s easy to see that they provide a tough workout. But what exactly do they do for us? Let’s have a quick […]


Burn fat 24/7

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BURNING FAT 24/7 TO REDUCE BELLY FAT Before I start getting into details on how to maximise fat burn, we must comprehend the importance of ‘FATS’. They are an essential macronutrient as they are necessary for the production of hormones and enzymes. They help preserve lean muscle mass, maintain a healthy immune function and are […]