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Here are just a few of our members who wanted to share their experiences.

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"Oscar and Sam - thank you for your endless patience and good humour over the past three months. You've transformed my fitness AND you have transformed me as I am over 20 lbs lighter. Looking forward to my next block of sessions!"
Joanna Simms
"In 16 weeks OSR helped me transform my body from obesity to the toned fitness model body I always wanted. Thanks to them I experienced something that was my biggest dream!"
Gosia Jagusiak
"Getting up is hard but it’s soooo worth it! I end up feeling energised for the rest of the day. Oscar and Sam always make you feel comfortable, only pushing you within your own capabilities but also encouraging you to strive for more. It’s not only a great work out it’s great fun too. OSR Bootcamp has not only made me stronger physically, but also mentally. My moods are better, I am just generally much happier in life, body and soul." X
Clara Borgerth
"I’m a big believer in following what you enjoy and the people you interact with, I’m saying this because I want to train with Sam and Oscar. I want them to be driving my fitness program, I want to achieve for them. Sam and Oscar are genuinely interested in you as a person and your fitness goals. I’m motivated by their passion to make me something better, their drive and determination to make me go harder, go faster and to achieve. This isn’t just a Bootcamp, this is a family of like-minded individuals (yes we all have our personal goals as well) all coming together for 40 mins to support and encourage. Sam and Oscar will support you through nutrition and injury and are my go to guys for all my crazy questions. They call it straight, no fluffiness and no place to hide – come and join the Bootcamp life."
Craig Paterson
"For anyone thinking about booking with OSR fitness bootcamp, don't think; just do it! I did and haven't looked back! As a nurse, my busy schedule and demands of my work hasn't always favoured me where fitness is concerned. So I had to take a bold step in changing my lifestyle. I bought a 12 week fitness training package and it's the best decision I made! Yes it's tough; it no child's play especially when you're body is fighting back, however it's all about self discipline, yet enjoying and appreciating this new lifestyle. OSR's ethos is just not about changing exercise routines, it's about working together to re-wire bad habits and establish a new normal; such as cutting out sugar, bad carbs and alcohol and embrace clean eating! Apart from their skills in Fitness training, Oscar and Sam are good motivators and will take you to great heights to achieve your ultimate fitness goals"
Amanda Asamoah
The (HIT) boot camps promotes a different type training, especially as its is outside, the groups are fairly small, and you get video homework to support the fitness program. Oscar and Sam are on hand to coach, motivated, and correct your positions so that you get the best out of each exercise and session. The 12 week program is an additional aspect to the training packages. After taking pictures, measuring body parts and weighing myself I was ready for the program. I stuck with it and now I weigh 91kg on a a bad day, instead of that horrible 110kg. I lost 20kg! I feel fitter, thinner and can recommend this program if you just stick with it the "Magic Happens"
Tony moore