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We love battle ropes

Here at OSR Bootcamps we love battle ropes. Whether you’ve seen us going at it whilst walking by on your morning stroll or your one of our beloved members breaking a serious sweat, it’s easy to see that they provide a tough workout. But what exactly do they do for us? Let’s have a quick look a some of the benefits and check out some quality ropes.

First off, done correctly they provide the same amount of cardio that you would get from steaming up a treadmill on a full incline. But more importantly; they simultaneously hit you with a fantastic fat burning upper body workout. This workout duo has been proven to be twice as affective as a standard treadmil run, as well as twice as fun!

Versatility has to be next on my list for pro ropes. Depending on how advanced/difficult you want your workout to be you can quite literally do a cardio, upper body, lower body and a core workout all at the same time! For example; Get your rope waves going for your arms and throw in some split jumps at the same time for your legs. You will naturally have to enage your core to keep you balanced and your lungs will have to work hard to keep eveything going for a prolonged period of time. Try for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest x 6.

And finally, the portability aspect of the ropes are why they appeal to us as a bootcamp so much. Providing you have an anchor point such as a tree or lamp post, they can be bought anywhere in the outdoors and will give you the desired affect.

When purchasing battle ropes you want to make sure you get length around 10-15 meters and try and do a bit of research to make they’re durable.

Here are some websites where you can buy some quality ropes:

Amazon is always worth a good look as well.

Give this workout a try to burn some serious calories:

Exercise 1: Batterope waves (30 secs)

Exercise 2: Battle rope slams (30 secs)

Exercise 3: Battle rope waves with reverse lunge (30 secs)

Exercise 4: Lateral jumping rope slams (30 secs)

Do 4-6 rounds with 1-2 minute rest inbetween each round

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