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OSR bootcamps is dedicated to getting our members fit and healthy by providing quality outdoor training camps.

We pride ourselves on producing outstanding results for our clients. 

We take the time to value your current fitness, potential injuries and limitations to adapt the workout to you. 

It doesn’t matter how fit you are or how old you are. Everybody is welcome at OSR bootcamps. With fully qualified personal trainers hosting the camps we cater to every individuals needs

HIIT Bootcamp

The OSR Bootcamp workout stands out from the crowd. They are designed to maximise fat burn by accelerating your metabolism 48 hours after your workout 

“Our goal is to inspire as many people as possible to live a vibrant, energetic and healthy lifestyle.”

OSR Fitness & Wellbeing Ltd.


Outdoor Bootcamps

Our main outdoor Bootcamp takes place on The Heath, Blackheath. Our sessions are dynamic and structured to deliver efficient and fun workouts. We run over 500 sessions throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions.

1-1 Personal Training

We design bespoke training programmes and cater to every individuals needs. On your first 1-1 meeting we will conduct an initial physical analysis and set goals to create a regime specifically designed for you, taking into account current fitness levels, potential injuries, limitations and nutrition.

Private small group training

Training for a wedding, holiday or event? We can bring the Bootcamp to your doorstep. Get a group of friends and we will arrange a time that best suits you.

Fitness & Wellbeing Retreats

Disconnect and immerse yourself in nature at a luxury location for a week or long weekend. Our locations come with swimming pools, hot tubs and amazing scenery. Activities include bootcamps, hikes, surfing and yoga or feel free to do your own thing and simply take in your surroundings.

Online Programmes

If you are self motivated or like to train solo we can provide you with the tools to achieve your goal. To get you started we will arrange a Skype call to go through a screening so that we can put you on the plan that best suits you.



Every week we send you an exclusive home workout video you can follow in the comfort of your own home. Sam or Oscar will lead you through a 15 min fat-burning session.


At the start of the 12 week plan you will be entitled to a nutrition consultation call. We will go through your current eating habits and create a strategy to achieve your goals.

24 / 7 SUPPORT

We are available and happy to answer any queries about the 12 week plan or any health and fitness related questions you may have.



"Getting up is hard but it’s soooo worth it! I end up feeling energised for the rest of the day. Oscar and Sam always make you feel comfortable, only pushing you within your own capabilities but also encouraging you to strive for more. It’s not only a great work out it’s great fun too. OSR Bootcamp has not only made me stronger physically, but also mentally. My moods are better, I am just generally much happier in life, body and soul." X

Clara Borgerth

"After trying out an OSR Bootcamps session, I signed up to get fit and lose weight before my wedding. Not only have I done this (shrinking two dress sizes!) but I've had so much fun. Oscar and Sam strike a great balance between encouraging us and pushing us to go further. They have been so supportive both on the training and adjustments to diet, whilst being realistic and understanding that people have normal lives! I would fully recommend OSR Bootcamps to anyone, no matter what age, sex or fitness level."

Nicola Coles

"Oscar and Sam - thank you for your endless patience and good humour over the past three months. You've transformed my fitness AND you have transformed me as I am over 20 lbs lighter. Looking forward to my next block of sessions!"

Joanna Sims

"Joining OSR Bootcamps has been one of the best decisions I've made this year! I'm making brand new strides with my strength and fitness that enriches all my other activities, and my overall well-being has massively improved. The workouts are challenging but enormously rewarding, and Oscar and Sam are wonderful trainers who really make each person in the class feel empowered and supported."

Leigh Alexander

"I started OSR earlier this year in order to kick start my exercise routine again following several injuries last year which prevented me from running. Oscar and Sam are incredibly knowledgeable instructors who were accommodating from the start of the 12 week programme, adapting some of the exercises to suit my previous injuries. Within four weeks I noticed a considerable difference to my fitness which has only improved over the course of the 12 week programme. 16 weeks since I signed up, OSR continues to form the basis of my weekly exercise routine and the 6.30am starts are now very much the norm! All credit to Oscar and Sam for putting together such a challenging and enjoyable programme and I would recommend OSR to anyone who is looking at getting fitter, stronger, leaner or who simply fancies a kick-start to their day."

Jamie Barklem

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