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OSR bootcamps is dedicated to getting our members fit and healthy by providing quality outdoor training camps.

We pride ourselves on producing outstanding results for our clients. 

We take the time to value your current fitness, potential injuries, limitations and adapt the workout to suite you. 

It doesn’t matter how fit you are or how old you are. Everybody is welcome at OSR bootcamps. With fully qualified personal trainers hosting the camps we cater to every individuals needs

OSR Bootcamps

The OSR Bootcamps workout stand out from the crowd. They are designed to maximise fat burn by accelerating your metabolism 48 hours after your workout.

“Our goal is to inspire as many people as possible to live a vibrant, energetic and healthy lifestyle.”

OSR Fitness & Wellbeing Ltd.


Outdoor Bootcamps

Our main outdoor Bootcamp takes place on The Heath, Blackheath. Our sessions are dynamic and structured to deliver efficient and fun workouts. We run over 500 sessions throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions.

1-1 Personal Training

On your first 1-1 meeting we will conduct an initial physical analysis and set goals to create a regime specifically designed for you, taking into account current fitness levels, potential injuries, limitations and nutrition.

Fitness & Wellbeing Retreats

Disconnect and immerse yourself in nature at a luxury location for a week or long weekend. Activities include bootcamps, hikes, surfing and yoga.

Online Coaching

We provide bespoke online coaching services.
A results driven programme that focuses on your goals through a personalised app, weekly calls and virtual workouts.



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